The week later (second 20 week ultra sound)

Take two, I lay there not watching the screen this time… but observing the sonographers facial expressions as he moved the ultra sound device around my stomach.. after much deliberation he told me the scan was finished and to go and see my doctor to get the results…

So off I went to the doctors who advised our little baby (affectionately named “Ninyo” at this stage)  did have a right foot (thankfully) however had Talipes, otherwise known as Clubfoot. Again, I was told not to worry it’s quite common and treatment is readily available.

So I guess it was from this point where “google” became both my best friend and perhaps my worst enemy.. I researched Talipes and found so many links to other physical and developmental defects. This time, it was my hubby who was telling me not to worry.. 🙂

There was one person during this time who stood out, my father-in-law (also known as Dad) who spent a lot of time looking into Talipes, he would teach me more about it and reassured me everything was going to be okay. So I still did the odd google here and there, and it always seemed to lead me down the more serious path. Intuitively I felt something was wrong, more than just the clubfoot and during the night.. when I lay down in bed with my hands on my belly feeling Ninyo moving around.. I prayed…

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