Chiara Diane enters the world @2.58pm!

April 28th 2013.. I woke up around 4.30am and after a few strong pains.. I knew that today little Ninyo was going to enter the world. I jumped in the shower.. lit a candle.. sat to meditate.. then  started to pace nervously around the house. I thought of my dear friend Lena who would be waking in a few hours celebrate her birthday and smiled to myself blessing the  beautiful synchronicity of today’s date!

Then not too long after the deep force of mother nature was upon me.. I woke my hubby and we waited for his parents to arrive to look after other daughter Grace. So from about 8am.. right up until 2pm’ish,  I endured yet another full-on, painfully intense child-birthing experience. Yes in between contractions,  I did have moments of wonderment for the process of child-bearing, the bodies innate ability to work magically in order to help bring new life from life.. I roller-coasted through every emotion from strength, confidence, love, joy, peace, tranquility.. to pain, fear, doubt, worry… it’s a kaleidoscopic experience and life has certainly presented a wide array of crazy moments.. but nothing could ever prepare me for the forces that ran through my body during birth.. I begged for an epidural to find it only numbed my leg!! Soon little Ninyo’s heart started to slow down… we needed to get the little one out pronto! So I was all prep’d up for an emergency ceaser, but just moments before they began to cut me open, I used all my strength and will… to push Ninyo out naturally. I was pretty delirious by this stage, but through all the pain there was some part of me, some maternal instinct that was willing to fight, to go through any amount of pain in order to bring in new life.. life that had been created inside my womb for 9 months.. and viola! –  welcome Chiara Diane

A profound blessing beyond belief…

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