A few days in and mini alarm bells begin to sound…

The days that follow after giving birth are busy, trying to find the natural rhythm between mum & bub’s, while midwives and doctor’s come past at during all hours to perform their standard checks, visitors pop by and all the while feeling pretty blissed out at the miracle of new life…

I did however start to notice an increase in checks, from both doctors and midwives.. I could see their look of concern as they measured Chiara. So they decide to ring in Dr. Andrew Watkins (who Im told is a top Doctor in the Pedatric team). They asked for my husband and daughter to get to the hospital asap, so they could also measure their heads?! Both hubby and I were not so concerned at this stage, given that our other daughter Grace was also born with the same genetic “special signs” as baby Chiara:

  1. Clubfoot (although Grace’s managed to re-align naturally)
  2. An impressive large umbilical hernia
  3. A small head!

Dr Andrew looked over Chiara, he was reassured that Grace was also born very little and with a small head, however he did raise some serious concerns. But we shrugged them off given Grace was 100% healthy, thriving and amazing.

We opted for Vitamin K to be given orally, as injecting a little baby so soon was against our wishes. However turns out they need to take some blood tests from both Chiara and I.

Dr Watkins made a referral to RCH for: R foot fixed Talipes, L foot positional Talipes, Hip Ultrasound.

Additional tests: Investigate Microcephaly, Cranial Ultra Sound, Karyotype Screen, Microarray Screen.

Karyotype screen is an actual photograph of the chromosomes from one cell. Microarray test detects chromosomal irregularities that could result in genetic diseases — such as missing or repeated sections of genetic code.

What could possibly go wrong with Chiara?



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