1st trip to Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH)!

I’ll never forget this trip to the RCH, Dad and I venturing into the beginning of the Clubfoot treatment. I recall seeing the aquarium for the first time, as I entered into the entrance of the hospital, followed by a huge butterfly installation hanging from the ceiling…  & then suddenly being confronted by a small baby with tubes, o2 tank and looking so unwell.

Seeing little people suffer is heartbreaking, let alone thinking about the anguish of their parents. I solider on, feeling blessed that we are here for a simple treatment of Talipes (clubfoot). We meet with Prue Wigel, a wonderfully skilled Physiotherapist who explained the therapeutic process to help correct the position of the foot, using the Ponseti Method http://www.ponseti.info/clubfoot-and-the-ponseti-method/what-is-clubfoot/ponseti-method.html. We were told it would take about 6 – 9 casts, then we would move her into the boots and bar for 23 hours a day, and then eventually she would only be in these special boots and bar 12 hours a day (sleep with them at night) up until 4 years old. I was thankful we only had the one foot to correct!

The first cast was traumatic, I had never heard my daughter of ten days old, cry the way she did that day. Before the casting, we had to have her feet photographed in another department… this teeny tiny baby lay on a bed with big photographic equipment all around and startled each time the flash went off… I held her mini hands as loud flashes sounded all around her…

After they held her foot into position, then plastered her foot and leg.. she began to scream uncontrollably. This was the beginning of a very challenging time, a little new born baby soft and maluable with this strong hard cast on her leg… that was one of the longest nights I can remember as a mum. She was so so so unsettled, cried and screamed for hours…

I would sing to her, and hold her with all my love….. oh Chiara just a few more casts then no more trips to the hospital (so I thought!!!!)

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