2nd trip to RCH!

Could not wait to get this cast off! Not being able to bath the little poppet, and night after night of a very unsettled baby. For some reason I thought it would be a super quick process, pop it off then another re-cast & we are on our way back home… however we had to pop her in the bath in the treatment room at RCH, and slowly wait for the cast to soak off her teeny tiny leg.. and yes this part also seemed to traumatise her just as much as the original casting did…

Mauro and I would gently press the cast, to gently soak it off.. but felt like an eternity when your child is screaming uncontrollably.. finally we get the cast off.. dry her off then lay her down on the table for cast #2. It took 3 people to hold her down, seriously! I recall contorting my body into some strange position to breast-feed her as she lay on the bed, while they would turn her foot out a little more, then start to apply to bandage that would eventually set into a rock hard cast! I would sing to her to try my best to calm her down, but nothing worked. Tears would stream down my face, as I also had to help hold her body in position – so they would get an accurate angle for the cast before it set. No amount of breast-milk, singing lullabies or coating her dummy in sucrose would settle this little angel down. It was full-on, but I kept telling myself, this is nothing compared to the many children currently getting treated for much more serious illness, and health concerns than Talipes. I would give thanks that this was all she had…. and it would be over soon..

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