4th trip to RCH

The cast had slipped, which meant it had moved down her leg and now the pressure points of the cast were held in the incorrect position, causing more pain and not holding her foot in the right position.. we were told if this happens to soak the cast off at home and bring her straight back in to the hospital so her foot doesnt lose range, and revert to the original position.

Although we knew of the Talipes diagnosis prior to birth, I never expected to be frequenting the hospital so much during the newborn phase, which is tricky enough to manage at home, let alone having to venture into the city a few times a week. As the casts went by, I felt Chiara becoming more and more unsettled. Breastfeeding was becoming so difficult, which worried me, as I was able to breastfeed Grace for a year and a half. It felt as though Chiara would simply forget how to feed? Prue (the physio) was equally concerned with Chiara’s unsettled behaviour, she had a lot of difficulty casting Chiara. She suggested we book into the “unsettled babies clinic” at RCH for more investigations…


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