6th trip to RCH – Tenotomy operation

OK big day! Tenotomy (tendon release). A short operation where they hold Chiara’s foot and ankle in the correct position, the tendon is released while the area is numbed by local anaesthetic. The worst part about this procedure, is that they administer the local anaesthetic seconds AFTER they snip tendon….ouch!!!!!

Both Mauro and I a little anxious as we arrive at the RCH… we meet with the Physio and Dr Johnson, they prefer that we do not come into the room and reassure us it will be over in a flash and she will be fine…. So we hand over our wee lil’ precious cargo, and I begin to pace up and down the corridor. Mauro decides to stand outside the door of the procedure room, like a guard… well actually more like a pillar of strength to support his little girl. I paced up and down, hearing the cries of Chiara through the walls. It’s almost over Chiara, and before you know it you will be walking and laughing free….

After the operation, Chiara’s foot was put into position and held in place with the plaster cast which stayed on for a few weeks… oh no more baths again…

The picture says it all 🙁


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