September 2013

22nd trip to RCH…

Yes Chiara looks happy in the photo’s… but to be honest most of the cast’s were deeply traumatic. The team at the RCH had such difficulty casting her, she would resist with all her strength and to my surprise it would take at least 3 adults to hold her body into place so they could […]

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20th trip to RCH…

We are introduced to the next part of the Talipes treatment, the BOOTS and BAR! Although   we had about another 5 casts before we got to actually using them. This visit was just to measure up and put the order in, how much would these cost? Oh, only $500! Go Chiara, your first ever […]

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A new label.. Microcephaly

After two ultra sounds of Chiara’s brain, the tests came back clear. Everything looked okay and we held onto hope that all this meant for Chiara was she had a small head. Full stop. And she would develop perfectly, just as her big sister has… However because her head circumference was below the 3rd percentile, […]

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