Mini wheel-chair like prams… is this really happening?

Our wonderful O.T Amy organised for a rep from Active Rehab to come and visit and take us through options for transporting Chiara. Amy was aware that she wouldn’t relax in the current Mountain Buggy Pram, her muscles would stiffen, her face would go bright red as she held her breath, then she’d start to scream! So I’d promptly do a u-turn and head back into the house, slightly frustrated! Still to this day we have no idea why her body responds negatively to car seats or prams, whatever the case its been immensely challenging on many levels.

I was itching to get out into the world with her, walk her along the bike track or along the beach – wherever – we just needed to get out of the house! And I was happy to carry her in the ergo-baby but this came with limitations as she was getting heaver. There were so many little things going on with Chiara, that made the every day come with extra challenges. I’m one of those mums that loved to get out into the world with my cherub’s, I’d take Grace to the galleries, beach, mountains, cafe’s.. I loved exposing her to life!!… yet Chiara was such a different picture. It was near impossible travelling in the car, as she’d scream in the car-seat, so I’d opt for staying local and popping her in the pram.. and she’d scream in the pram.. so there we sat at home (a little perplexed) smiling at one another. Bless you Chiara, you’ve certainly flipped our worlds around but no matter what – our hearts burst when you smile…

So Kelvin arrives with samples of various special needs chairs, I’ll never forget the moment when he wheeled them all out of his van.. I had to hold back my tears. I was shocked, these steel contraptions looked so serious…another reality hit deep in my stomach…. oh Chiara I hope this is a temporary arrangement. But on a good note, she was able to enjoy sitting in the Bingo pram! woo hoooo..

How would you expect to pay for these prams? $10,000 – and thats without the extras like the hood cover etc… now into the new world of FUNDING…



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