Medical Tests & Meetings

Still so many unknowns with Chiara… we will basically have to wait and see.

The main concerns based on Chiara’s MRI are her ability to walk, talk or manage seizures if or when they occur. Although this is often expressed in more in medical terms such as motor skills.. fine motor skills….speech.. cognition… communication…independently moving around… all roads to me lead back to two simple words WALK or TALK! Please someone tell me!

It was suggested to re-frame the way we look at Chiara. Perhaps not in a way as will she simply walk or talk.. but rather.. about making sure she progresses to her highest potential.. whatever that is. It then made me wonder…. even completely able/healthy/vital beings… do we move towards our highest potential? But I guess it gives us a more realistic view of her and the steps we must now take.

I guess sometimes I hope for a magic potion, pill or solution in how we can fix our baby…on this particular day after a meeting with specialists at the hospital, I got a far as the lift’s and broke down and cried.. it felt like there was no hope for little Chiara, and it broke my heart…

Before we leave the hospital Mauro and I have to get blood tests, more genetic research in trying to find out the why’s and how’s to Chiara’s mystery. And then past the phsyio department to check her clubfoot progress. Mum and I popped to the cafe, while Mauro met with Prue… I only had to walk back past the treatment room when I said to myself “Noooo not another cast” as I heard Chiara’s scream walking down the hallway past the treatment room. I opened the door to find Mauro holding her, with a grim look on his face. “We had to cast her, the foot had turned back” he said…. I get the panadol we dose her up and leave the hospital…


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