Early Intervention – Noah’s Arc & Better Start

I’d never imagined the amount of administration that was required from all of this. I was forever filling out forms of all sorts.. applications to services I had no idea of. We are blessed to live in Melbourne, and as I am learning the support within the community is amazing.

After my pead suggesting I apply for The Better Start Service, I came home one night opened the mail under a dim light… Congratulations, your daughter has been approved for Better Start – children with disability funding. I sunk down on the kitchen floor and cried, paperwork all around me! All children will be eligible if they have a confirmed diagnosis of Microcephaly based on a head circumference less than the third percentile and a functional level at or below two standard deviations below the mean for age on the Griffiths Mental Development Scales or the Bayley Scales of Infant Development.

And I guess that’s how it will roll, you soldier on through the appointments, even after your head is spinning with scientific terminologies…. and every now and then when you let it – your heart breaks open… not for any other reason than wanting your child to grow healthy, happy and safe in this world. And I had to way of knowing if I could provide that for beautiful Chiara.. because I had no idea of how to fix this rare brain condition?

So we move on, another service that has been approved is early intervention and they have assigned the Noah’s Arc to Chiara. There will be one person who will come to visit Chiara fortnightly to help her with specific needs as they arise, this will continue up until she goes to school….