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We take off for a hearing test at Taralye. Nana has come along for extra hands, she starting reading to Grace while Chiara was asleep in my arms. Though it didn’t take long for her to wake, when Grace came up singing “Karda, Karda.. look..” They call us through, and I instantly know the audiologists face. “I know you form somewhere… we both take some time yo try and join the dots, starting off with where do you live.. then straight to YOGA! Yes she is a fellow Yoga teacher”. I relax instantly, knowing we speak the same language! This is her other job, ah the joy of synchronicity!

Initially we began to wire her up for the Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR) test, that uses electrodes (wires) attached with adhesive to Chiara’s scalp. If or when she sleeps, clicking sounds are made through tiny earphones in the ears. The test measures the brain’s activity in response to the sounds. Alas, she woke up smiling!!!

So Chiara was tested using a method called visual reinforcement audiometry (VRA). For this test, she sat on my lap in the center of the room. Speakers were situated to both the right and left side of the room. The speakers had toys (mounted inside a box), which were animated by our tester (Yogi Jenny). When the sound chimes Chiara turns to the correct side of the sound, the toy lit up, providing positive reinforcement that encouraged her to continue on with the test. AND she passed with flying colours. My heart jumping for joy as she moved with the sounds so accurately, for Mauro and I it’s small feats like today’s that make us VERY happy!

So if all goes to plan, Chiara may very well talk one day!!!! Cmon Chiara lets prove the genetic team that miracles so happen!

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