A Yogic Perspective

Ancient teachings in a modern world..

The blessing of Pranyama – Full Yogic Breath after a big day at the hospital, followed by a deep Yoga Nidra or a flowing  Asnana that that helps me to feel grounded in my body and at ease with life. The gifts are plentiful in this incredible ancient practice.

So apart from practising Yoga for many years, travelling to India and beyond for Yoga workshops, teacher training etc, I was lucky to find a gorgeous Yoga family at CAE Melbourne. The two year teacher training was amazing, we got to explore the depths of Yoga on a weekly basis and the teachers on this course were/are AMAZING!

The mythology and philosophy were weaved throughout the classes and our beloved teacher Andrew Mournehis from Divine Grace.. was the perfect person to bring this all to life! we caught up not long after Chiara has been given all the new ‘labels’.. and he brought such an interesting insight to my attention…

He spoke of Ganesha (the son of the beautiful Goddess Parvati and God Shiva) who is commonly referred to as ‘the remover of obstacles’ and much more. However he shared a story of how Ganesha broke off one of his tusks as a sacrifice, in order to help scribe the most ancients and epic stories in history the  Mahabharata and Bhagavad Gita.  So he ‘sacrificed’ a part of him, in order to write a much greater story that in turn could help others.  He said “Perhaps Natalie, what feels like such an immense sacrifice right now.. will actually be the foundation to a far greater epic that you could ever imagined. You’re writing your story and it will help others in need”.  Thank you Andrew…love it…!

There we sat in front of this painting of Ganesha… a new perspective to this busy time 

Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 8.55.24 PM


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