March 2014


My brother & sis-in-law gave us these flashcards a while ago, and now we are putting them to good use. Thanks J & Kel (love you guys). Grace and I have some fun – making all the animal noises and acting out all the various cards in some creative way. The idea is to incorporate […]

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Okay, something near and dear to my heart YOGA.. & CHIARA. I’ve come across this book and training Yoga for the Special Child, developed by Sonia Sumar who had a little girl with Down Syndrome. Sonia’s life dream is to help the world’s special children achieve their full potential and become active and productive members of […]

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Physio Session

Big session today at Physioworks, the therapist gave me a lot of therapy exercises to do with little C at home. Pumped for Physio, Osteo and Yoga… her little body trying so hard… its palpable at times watching her determination. It’s like you can feel the blocks in the neural pathways, you can see she wants […]

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The Bingo has arrived!

The Bingo landed yesterday… this amazing contraption that has all the bell’s and whistles. Still learning how to drive it! we are so grateful to The Children’s First Foundation, along with SWEP for funding this extremely expensive chair – over $10,000 worth – sending so much gratitude their way. I’m putting together Thank you letter’s, […]

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A constant reminder of Grace

Little Grace Maria is my almost-4 year old little girl. She has such an effervescent personality, full of passion, creativity, and so much love. She has been phenomenal over the past year, she’s been the most loving, fun and caring sister to baby Chiara. Our days off as a family were mostly spent at the RCH, so […]

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Paediatric Ophthalmologist!

We’ve seen many “ologists” to date, and today Chiara and I are off to Ivanhoe Eye Clinic for an hour long eye test with an Ophthalmologist. Clinically, our Mecy Paed thinks Chiara’s vision is okay, however in view of her developmental risk, she wants to make sure Chiara doesnt have any visual problems.  

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