I feel like I’ve won Tattslotto!!!!!

It was the night of my Birthday.. and I was feeling the love from beautiful friends and family reading their bday wishes on FB. It was getting late, Maur had turned off the internet but I had such a strong sense to check something.. so I jumped back online and luckily I did b/c I noticed a link in the FB feed. It was from “Quirky Cooking” (she’s amazing by the way, making the most nutritious meals in her Thermomix), anyway she shared a story that struck a cord.. and both Mauro and I have never looked back!

Finally the needle in the haystack we have been searching for…. the timing of discovering this link could not have been more perfect. Especially given we had just had an appointment days earlier at the RCH, that pretty much advised there was not a lot we could do for Chiara… it’s been devastating on so many levels..

Being told your daughter will probably never walk… or talk… or even live a long life is beyond heart-breaking, and although we have had many appointments at the RCH, along with Early Intervention O.T’s – we never felt this was enough. So here it is – the amazing links that have catapulted us into an exciting new adventure…

HELLO Grow Foundation

HELLO The Institutes For The Achievement of Human Potential 

HELLO Natural New Age Mum (the article that we struck gold with!!)

HELLO Naturally Better Kids

It’s no coincidence that Mauro and I met each other, whilst studying Naturopathy at Southern School of Natural Medicine Fitzroy! So the above information instantly resonated with both of us. Happy to also read and explore all the amazing benefits of Yoga for children with brain injuries.

And to fully equip ourselves Mauro and I have booked into the following course, What to Do About Your Brain-Injured Child course starting March 30th, we didn’t want to miss out on the opportunity. As parents of Chiara, we want to give her the best start possible… and I think the aforementioned links are going to provide more than miracles!

The journey continues….

Screen Shot 2014-02-04 at 3.15.28 PM

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  • mummalove March 20, 2014   Reply →

    Yay! I’m so glad you found all those wonderful resources – all high on my list of inspiration too. I attended the IAHP course in Melbourne last year and it was amazing. I’ve no doubt it will give you some wonderful insight and tools on your journey with your beautiful (and she is totally gorgeous!) girl xx

    • natrob77 March 24, 2014   Reply →

      Thank you so much – I’m so happy that we have the opportunity to attend the course, glad to hear your feedback too – makes us extra excited to be attending 🙂 Thank you again 🙂 xx

  • quirkyjo March 22, 2014   Reply →

    I’m so so happy you saw that!! It’s amazing, isn’t it? I hope it will be the beginning of great things for your family. Bless you,
    Jo Whitton x

    • natrob77 March 24, 2014   Reply →

      Thank you Jo, your link has been pivotal for our family indeed. Plus we love the thermo cooking too -amazing!

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