A constant reminder of Grace

Little Grace Maria is my almost-4 year old little girl. She has such an effervescent personality, full of passion, creativity, and so much love. She has been phenomenal over the past year, she’s been the most loving, fun and caring sister to baby Chiara. Our days off as a family were mostly spent at the RCH, so she’d have fun playing with toys in the waiting room, or holding Chiara’s hand while she she got another cast.. she’s got her back in every way.

Grace dear Grace thank you for your shining spirit, especially on those days where I have felt a little deflated after an emotionally charged hospital visit. Your intuition, love, curiosity and wisdom never cease to amaze me. The random hugs you give me, the way you hold out your hand to take mine when we walk together, and the times where you have stopped me in my tracks, held my face and said “numa i love you so much” squeezing my cheeks! Bless you and your beautiful old soul. I love you. My god I love you!!

Here’s  photo of me at the same age, far left. Flashback!


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