Physio Session

Big session today at Physioworks, the therapist gave me a lot of therapy exercises to do with little C at home. Pumped for Physio, Osteo and Yoga… her little body trying so hard… its palpable at times watching her determination. It’s like you can feel the blocks in the neural pathways, you can see she wants to reach for her toy, yet the messages get muddled up and I watch her arms cross over one another, her fists clench and close tight, and the toy still sitting there.. but slowly slowly there is progress. Her ability to reach and grasp is becoming a lot finer, her hands soften as her little fingers release the clench.. I notice a lot more precision is involved in her tiny tasks… it makes my heart beat with so much joy.. these micro milestones… are to be celebrated each and every time! At times the specialists wonder if it’s simply her neurological response to clench that is actually holding the toy, as opposed to her cognitive function at play. Either way…. we soldier on.



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