What to do about your brain-injured child course

Wow what a full-on week, Mauro and I attended the course held at Bayview on the Park in Melbourne CBD. 50 hours of child-brain development intensive, the course was delivered in a particularly freezing room – why? Well they designed it this way, to give our brains the optimal environment to function at its best. Apparently this is how they train at N.A.S.A… so  as Melbourne was turing on the sunshine on the outside, we were keeping cool inside…

The course was fantastic, albeit we felt it could have easily been condensed into a 3 day training. However, it has changed the way now approach Chiara’s diagnosis. The key to their treatment, is they are treating the cause (the injured brain) instead of the symptoms (i.e.: muscle stiffness in Cerebal Palsy). Which is a concept that is not foreign to Mauro and I, given we met at Naturopathy.

Along with the training, I felt deeply moved by the stories other parents shared. The tears were flowing at the end of the course, when every person stood up to share their experience of the training and how it related to their child. Was so beautiful to talk with other people who understood in an instance, what life was like with a little poppet who needed more than the average child to grow. Equally beautiful was the motherly instinct that a lot of mum’s shared, some already knew long before any medical diagnosis that something was wrong with their child, some received messages while they were pregnant, others received it through their dreams – but it’s powerfully collective the way most of these mum’s had psychic experiences within their worlds.

So we will slowly integrate this home program into our daily lives, and layer it with Natural Therapies that have been endorsed by the Institute such as Osteopathy, Yoga, Naturopathy, Kinisiology etc. Glenn Doman shares a little of his story here. He believes “Every child born has a greater potential intelligence than Leonardo ever used.” Just beautiful!



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