Good Friday & a trip to Austin Hospital Emergency

On the back of a week of unsettled nights with Chiara, we could see she wasn’t herself. Friday morning when I was changing her nappy, I noticed a red rash all over her face and body. She was struggling for breath, and wasn’t her usual smiley self. So I quickly packed a bag for the hospital, I’ve gotten good at this part! Making sure I have things to entertain Grace, bottles, food and extra clothes for us all.

Arrived at The Austin, waiting in que when I read a sign ‘If you suspect you may have measles, please alert the nurse immediately’. The next thing we were ushered into a small room. Then when any staff came into the room, they were wearing masks… all quite serious really! We waited a while before a doctor was able to see us, so the usual entertaining the girls as they were getting restless, with whatever I could find in my bag. Finally we were through to the doctors ward, where they quickly quarantined us. Doctors rushed around us, and then the infections diseases department got involved… the girls and I had to pop the masks on again and move to another department where we were in isolation.

They took a swab from the back of Chiara’s throat, and they sent it away for testing to check for Measles. They sent s home (with masks on as we left the hospital!!) and we were under strict orders to go straight home, and not leave the house and told not to have any visitors over! So back home, waiting for the phone call to find out the results!

Why do I google?…..

Measles is a contagious viral illness that causes a skin rash and fever. Serious and sometimes fatal complications include pneumonia and brain inflammation. 


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