Meeting at RCH

A few discussions about Cerebral Palsy, in terms of Chiara’s rigidity/spasticity. CP is an umbrella term..sometimes there are abnormal movements (dystonia), sometimes there is Chorea Athetosis, jerky dancey type movements… the words Cerebral Palsy are just the words to describe muscle function,

I have flashes of Chiara stuck in a dance of chorea athetosis, the visual image scares the sh*t out of me.. months before the MRI, I would confide in Mauro that I could see these bizarre movements in Chiara.. I remember holding her one time and asking our extended family ‘does anyone else see this?’…  I think everyone just thought I as over-reacting at the time… but I could see the finer details in her movements…  

We also learnt about  GMF (Gross Motor Function) a test that occurs at age 2, which  helps to determine which category the Chiara falls into. It’s a predictor of her gross motor function….

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