A New Therapy – ‘Feldenkrais Method’ & some D.I.Y Therapy Equipment

Love the Abbotsford Convent and even more so after checking out the Health and Wellbeing area. I attended a free workshop on the Feldenkrais method, to learn more about movement, posture and breathing and how this can be applied for Chiara. It’s funny the synchronicities that keep occurring.. walking into the beautiful space at the One Heart Yoga Studio, another student overheard me telling the teacher about Chiara and the brain injury, and she shared with me that she had a  stroke last year, and this method had helped her regain her ability to walk…

Feldenkrais Method uses the neurological plasticity of the brain to teach clients how to move more easily and more efficiently.

I found some more interesting information that relates to Chiara from the book Kids Beyond Limits:  there was a story of a little boy who had been cast for 10 months since birth due to Hip Dysplasia. Instantly I saw a link in his story, as Chiara’s right leg had been cast since 10 day old, for months on end. Anyhow…

“during the time he was cast, all the usual movements of infancy, random as well as evolving voluntary movements were restricted, thus missing the multitude of possible variations in the dynamic relationship between the different parts of his body. Missing myriad sensations, that should have come from movement and touch, his brain was unable to map is body and its movements. Because the cast prevented early random and exploratory movements and sensations. Michael’s brain very possible barely knew his legs, and possibly pelvis was there. His brain was starved of the normal movement variations and the opportunities to feel and discover his body; and what it could do; he lacked the information with which to begin the process of making sense of himself and the world around him. Instead he must of repeatedly experienced the restrictions and limitations imposed by the cast. His brain mapped his actual experiences of limitation while living and growing in a cast, creating a phantom cast in his brain. Later when the casts were taken off, his brain didn’t get the news..”

AND… we also got onto making some of Chiara’ s therapy equipment for the home program with the help of the crew at Bunnings.

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