Healing Sounds for Chiara – Tibetan Singing Bowls

A dear friend Brigette from Madam Kali Singing Bowls, gave Chiara the most beautiful and profound healing session today. I met Brigitte many moons ago, we went to the same primary school and have coincidently bumped into each other at various stages and places of our lives. We happened to attend the same Vipassana course (a 10 day silent mediation retreat)  which was funny because we hadn’t seen each other in years, yet we couldn’t speak until the end of the 10 day course 😉

Anyhow, there we were Chiara and I sitting listening to Brig bring this ancient bowl to life with sound. Chiara lay there quiet, captivated and responsive to the vibrations around her, it was beautiful to watch her body completely relax, any tension or rigidity that tends to permeate her everyday world, seemed to melt away in a moment. Her movements became fluid and soft.. and every now and then she would join in the sounds with her own aaaah’s…

Brig had hand picked this specific bowl for Chiara, with F & G tones that relate to the heart and throat chakra. Brig played the bowl around Chiara’s head and body, I was smiling to myself at just how special this moment was. I have taken Chiara to over 80 appointments with various specialists over the past year, but none had the love, compassion and healing qualities that I witnessed Chiara experience today. So blessed..

Did you know that singing bowls pulsate with a phenomenon known as Binarual Beats – I love these kind of discoveries, I’m totally fascinated by them….music for the brain

Binaural Beats are the products of two different sounds in harmony; they produce sounds that are only heard by the brain. The effect of this can be quite calming, relaxing and meditative. There are many different types of binaural beats that can suit your specific mood and also help with various ailments. Many people have said that if you are someone who generally has trouble with quieting the mind and meditation, then binaural beats are likely to have a greater affect on your overall ability to reach the higher frequency states. Furthermore, studies have shown that these beats can assist with mental clarity, more focused thought patterns, increased energy, heightened creativity and many more positive changes for your overall wellbeing.

Here is some more info on Healing Sounds from Brigitte’s website, she is a natural healer and I’m so glad Chiara (& I) had the opportunity to share this experience.

More research here on music and its healing qualities

So music will play an integral part in Chiara’s therapy, we’re going to have some fun with this… feeling grateful and hopeful.. 



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