Medical Meetings

Today we had a meeting with some medical specialists

– CMV testing came back as negative, so we can now rule this out as a possible cause for the Polymicrogyria.

– We are going to to some gene testing on Collagen 4A1 and Collagen 4A2, due to the Hemosiderin that was discovered on her MRI.


Sometimes after the hospital visits, feels we’re on the precipice as to which path to follow for Chiara, is it futile trying other therapies when her condition seems so permanent through that eyes of science?

 Pranayama is an example – a breathing technique that purifies the nadis. Yogis discovered a long time ago that breathing through the left nostril stimulates the IDA nadi or the ‘moon channel’ stimulates the right hemisphere of the brain (connected with the parasympathetic nervous system) and breathing through the right nostril stimulates the PINGALA nadi or the ‘sun channel’ activates the left hemisphere  (connected with sympathetic nervous system). By balancing the functioning of both nadis (that is, both aspects of the autonomic nervous system) we can stimulate the main energy channel called SHUSHUMNA and harmonises the activity of the nervous system as a whole!!How on earth did they source such accurate knowledge, there were no MRI machines back then, and it’s never ceases to amaze me just how much science is proving such ancient practices to be true…

So nadis are the channels through which the primordial energy or prana flows as it governs the functioning of the mental and physical planes of our existence. Areas where the energy becomes most concentrated are called chakras. Wherever energy becomes blocked or cannot flow efficiently for some reason, the normal functioning of different body parts becomes disrupted. These blocks are removed by a process of harmonisation, or restoring of balance, and it is this balancing principle that yoga represents. The ancient sages also discovered that among the thousands of nadis there are three which are the most powerful energy channels and, when purified enough, these can promote the development of the human being in all three planes: physical, mental and spiritual, allowing us to reach higher levels of consciousness…through IDA, PINGALA and SHUSHUMNA…. 

I love the image of the 72,000 nadi channels, reminds me of the depth and layers to the body. Yoga reminds me that there is so much more to the human body, and there are things occurring that a far beyond the measures of science. So I’ll keep leaning towards these possibilities.

I often wonder what an ancient Yogi would say with regards to Chiara, and her diagnosis? Or a Shaman in the Amazon, or an Aboriginal Elder that has healing powers?  I’m sure it would involve physical, mental and spiritual spheres.. the whole… holistic way…. 




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