Physio Session # 3 with Di

Go Chiara, so amazing seeing her in body positions such as sitting, kneeling or standing. Di is fantastic, I can’t rave about her enough. She is a Paediatric Physiotherapist, using a neuro-developmental approach to the management of children with movement disorders, as is the case with little Chiara…

We are currently working on the following areas:

  • Rolling:  for shoulder girdle and truck stretch mobility, to break up the extensor pattern, to gain mid range postural control
  • Tummy time: midline head control, shoulder girdle strength/stability, prepare arms for hand function, proprioceptions and sensory feedback to hands, mobilise the muscles of the hips and trunk
  • 4-Point Kneeling: core postural control and stability, prepare shoulder girdle and arms for mobility, pelvic girdle and hip strength, dissociation/separation of legs
  • Sit to Standing: mid range postural control without using mass extension of body, weight bearing through the legs and arms gives positive normal postural response sensory feedback to the brain, weight bearing in legs enables the antigravity muscle we need of calf, quadriceps and hip to develop control and strength, as well as calf stretch in order to prepare the legs for walking.

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