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I attended a chanting workshop at Agma Yoga Centre in Albert Park, which is located next to the church Maur and I got married, yay. Gorgeous yoga studio who teach in the tradition of T.Krishnamacharya (the father of Yoga! respect>)… a fellow Yoga Teacher had sent me the details so I decided to go along… (thank you G). Anyhow the workshop focus was on the vedic chant Durgasuktam… honouring Goddess Durga…also known as the Divine Mother… So what does chanting & mantra have to do with Chiara – especially given most medico’s believe her to be non-verbal for life!? Well everything really – more info explaining why coming soon.

Also this same afternoon I zipped over to see Andrew Harvey speak on Christian Mysticism and more!! Wow what an empowering few hours, so many goose-bump moments as the words seemed to flow straight into my heart!   (Thank you Lena xo)

Now back to Goddess Durga who symbolizes the divine forces (positive energy) known as divine shakti (feminine energy/ power) that is used against the negative forces. She protects her devotees and safeguards them. It is believed that Goddess Durga is the combined form of powers of Goddesses Lakshmi, Kali and Saraswati.

Goddess Durga represents the power of the Supreme Being that preserves moral order and righteousness in the creation. The Sanskrit word durga means fort or a place that is protected and thus difficult to reach. Durga, also called Divine Shakti, protects mankind. Goddess Durga is depicted as a warrior woman with eight hands carrying weapons of different kinds assuming mudras, (symbolic hand gestures) that represent her teachings…gotta love the indian art and symbology check out the depth in meaning… love…

  • Chakra in her 1st upper right hand symbolizes dharma (duty/righteousness). We must perform our duty/responsibilities in life.
  • Conch in her first upper left hand symbolizes happiness. We must perform our duty happily and cheerfully and not with resentment.
  • Sword in her second right lower hand symbolizes eradication of vices. We must learn to discriminate and eradicate our negative qualities.
  • Bow and arrow in her second left lower hand symbolizes character like Lord Rama.  When we face difficulties in our life we should not lose our character (values).
  • Lotus Flower in her third lower left hand symbolizes detachment. We must live in the world without attachment to the external world. Just like the lotus flower stays in dirty water yet smiles and gives its beauty to others. This is the only way to receive Her blessings.
  • Club in her third right lower hand is the symbol of Hanuman and symbolizes devotion and surrender. Whatever we do in our life we do with love and devotion and accept the outcome as the Almighty’s will.
  • Trident/Trishul in her fourth left lower hand symbolizes courage. We must have courage to eliminate our negative qualities and face the challenges in our life.
  • Fourth Lower Right Hand symbolizes forgiveness and Her blessings. We must forgive ourselves and others for mistakes and/or any hurt we may have caused.

Durga is depicted as riding on a lion or a tiger. A tiger symbolizes unlimited power. Durga riding a tiger indicates that She possesses unlimited power and uses it to protect virtue and destroy negative forces.  The lion is a symbol of uncontrolled animalistic tendencies (such as anger, arrogance, selfishness, greed, jealousy,  etc.) and Her sitting on it reminds us to control these qualities, so that we are not controlled by them.

Finally, Goddess Durga symbolizes the Divine forces (positive energy) that is used against the negative forces. She represents pure energy (positive), known as divine light or jyoti that is the embodiment of feminine and creative energy.


There are several mantras for Goddess Durga, but the most simple and easy mantra to remember is “Om Sri Durgaya Namah.”  It is believed that by chanting this mantra regularly the Divine Mother will remove the physical, mental and worldly problems in life and shower us with her unlimited blessings (

A little stand out that made me think of Chiara:  “Whatever we do in our life we do with love and devotion and accept the outcome as the Almighty’s will”….

AND a week after I posted this one of my dear Yoga Teachers Andrew from Divine Grace wrote more on Durga.. she keeps coming into my life… check out his newsletter here


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