Mary and Miracles

I’ve always had affinity with Mother Mary, ever since I can remember going to church as a child… her image would always captivate me. Often walking on the way to primary school, I would stop in at St. Dominic’s Church to sit at the feet of the beautiful Mary statue next to the alter. Many years later, I still find myself visiting the same church, kneeling at the same statue and praying.. often finding tears streaming down my face. I draw so much love and strength from her…

I recall visiting Aya Sofya in Turkey (whilst I lived there for 6 months) and standing before the most incredible mosaic of the Madonna and Child, and again her image moved me to tears. So beautiful. And the church Mauro and I got married at, also had a huge painting of Mother Mary at the back of the alter… special.

So I smiled when I received this card..



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