Drum Roll Please… ?

What a day!!!

After a full morning of home therapy, Chiara did the most amazing thing… she rolled over from her back, onto her side… and oh so close to rolling all the way over onto her tummy. And to make sure it wasn’t just a fluke, she did it over 7 times in a row!!!!! Each time, Mauro, Nonno and I were clapping and supporting her (yes I was crying with joy!!).

This is such a huge (micro)milestone in the world of Chiara, it was so beautiful to watch…. as she lay on her back her arms opened wide, you could see her tummy muscles engage, her knee’s bent, as she built up the right amount of momentum to turn her world around from being on her back, to moving onto her side… she did it so perfectly and with so much brain power…. It was as though she wanted to show us every time…. she’d look at us all smile and then she’d do it all over again!

Best day ever!!!!!!!

Then we headed to Hawthorn for a appointment with Louise (a trained Feldenkrais therapist) with a lovely gentle nature. Feldenkrais is a kinaesthetic movement education system, increasing body awareness by providing the nervous system other options to re-organise movement patterns to create change. In particular this method is good for musculo-skeletal conditions and neurological conditions such as: cerebral palsy, stroke, m.s, & parkinsons disease..

Louise began to move Chiara ever so gently, the intent of her touch is to explore Chiara’s neuromuscular organisation, the subconscious responds to touch and movement – and to have a tactile, nonverbal conversation with the central nervous system about how the body organises the body and movement. The process is akin to biofeedback, though more subtle and complex (Strauch, PhD).

Then to see Doctor Pam Dagley for the first masking technique (more details on this later). Dr. Pam thinks Chiara is going to prove everyone wrong… she’s convinced that Chiara is doing amazingly compared to the usual prognosis from the medical world, so that was comforting to hear….

Then our last pit stop for the day, to pick up our precious cargo Grace from kinder… then home for a nutritious dinner.. bath for the girls and they both fell asleep at 7pm (what’s going on???!!!) and (touch wood*) chiara slept the whole night through last night -the rest is so good for her – today was a testament to that 🙂 so fingers crossed tonight will follow suit.

Still smiling from this morning!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy days…

I think we’ll all go to sleep tonight with a little extra hope in our hearts. God bless you Chiara!! & Grace… we love you both so much xxx

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