Hidden messages in nature…?

Sometimes…. all you need is a nourishing afternoon at home.. with beautiful friends, little cherub’s, good food, wine, herbal tea…. and a little bit of nature…
Feeling so very blessed to have such beautiful soul’s in my life, especially after an emotionally charged week.. lots of worry for Chiara, and all the off-shoots that intertwine with that in terms of finances, future and all that jazz..

It was a nice surprise to see a big fluffy Kookaburra sitting on our balcony, we’ve heard them lots lately.. Grace says “muma there’s those monkeys again, they’re really loud…” cute! Lena reminded me of the animal spirit and its meaning – so I did some extra googling and found this…

Kookaburra indicates a period of increased mental and spiritual activity. He will show how to manifest your destiny by listening to your intuition. Since psychic perceptions are increasing, he will instruct how to remain grounded in the earth and be comfortable in doing so. Take time for yourself in quite solitude. He knows how to strike with determination. How are you using your “dagger-like bill”? He will teach the art of timing and when to act. Kookaburra demonstrates excellent visionary skills and seeing beyond the ordinary. Watch carefully what is going around you. Listen to your dreams and visions. He shows it is time for forward movement, letting go, forgiving the past. He conveys the power of humor and lightening up from the seriousness. Kookaburra shows another opportunity to balance masculine and feminine energies. He aids communication, resourcefulness, using timely defense tactics and reaching higher spiritual energies along with the ability to express ideas with coherence. Take care of your upper energy centers for they will increase in sensitivity. Kookaburra presents a time of prosperity, love, warmth, enjoyment and a new found clarity of mind. He guides toward community groups and organizations to further your physical and spiritual goals. The time period for Kookaburra is about a month of exploring and learning and another month of adapting the new energies. Pay attention to its color which correlates to the area in which to personally reflect upon.

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