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Big week for Chiara… a big full moon passed on Friday 13th… read more here

The main program we are following is from The Institutes, we are slowly getting the programs into place. Thanks to social media I’ve found another family who have been part of this same program, they have travelled to the offices in Philadelphia four times  (every 6 months) to get a revised therapy plan of their daughter. They have been doing The Institutes program full time for the past 4 years with a big team of family and friends behind them. Check their story here, it’s beautiful and amazing.

Already in the past few weeks of trialling it at home, we’ve realised just how much time and effort the program requires. The running of the household life alone, keeps any muma super busy. And we have beautiful Grace to look after, so there is still a lot of adjusting to make it all work. I’ve stopped teaching Yoga, Mauro has stopped the majority of his work, and is down to 6 days per month. The weekly budget is crazily tight…but we keep reminding each other how important it is. According to a lot of the neuroscience research, we have up until she is six years old to make the most positive impact in her development.

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