Gifts come in all shapes and sizes

The day’s have been full with the home program, as well as taking Chiara to her usual Osteopathy and Physiotherapy sessions. We also had a trip to RCH to collect her new A.F.O, a check-up. Prue was a little concerned that her foot may slip back soon, and encourages us to put Chiara in the standing frame twice a day for a minimum of 30 minutes each.Then back home for the program, we have been able to increase the amount of patterns, masking, balance exercises, reading program and incline floor.

A new apt with Andrea at Myotherapy first, for Chiara’s first massage session. Another thing we will integrate into her daily therapy regime. Andrea will teach us a specific massage sequence to help soften Chiara’s hypertonia. Andrea was the head of Myotherapy and Massage at the school Mauro and I met at, she has such an incredible depth of knowledge. I used to come into school when I was pregnant with Grace, and she would teach baby massage to the students, and I was the real ‘live model’ they could practice on! Andrea’s gifts of knowledge and help to us during this time is so special, so much gratitude.

Another special gift arrived today, from a fellow Yoga Teacher in the area. She has offered to provide free Yoga classes for me, whenever I can make it to a class. Again, I was so blown away by her offering. She wanted to give this as a gift to help me, as well as Chiara… which leads me to an important point for mums with children of special needs…

There is a fine balancing act between giving selflessly, and then giving back to your ‘self’… it’s a tough rode, meeting all the additional needs of a child who requires more than the usual to get by every day. At times it can feel like it will never end, that you are stuck at the base of the hugest mountain with no climbing tools to make it to the top. Time slows down, as milestones are often put on hold… with a heart that skips a beat from time-to-time, wondering if this is as far as they will get? At what point will fate take over, and acceptance forced upon us? Most parents of special needs kids, tell me they never stop thinking about it.. from the moment they wake.. to the moment they lay there head on the pillow at night… there is both physical and mental exhaustion… and so both equally need nourishment..

So its important to take time.. space.. and allow things to settle as you gain new perspectives or insights into the every day challenges. Healing comes in all shapes and sizes, and if it means you take time for you (in the special needs world it is referred to as  respite)…. then trust that will have a flow-on effect to your little one… for you are intimately connected…


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