physio, myotherapy, and (micro)milestones

9am physio session, it’s special to see such a bond forming between Chiara and Di. She has a fantastic way of helping Chiara reveal her untapped abilities. Chiara’s strength and determination always astounds me, and watching her in these pysio sessions are a real testament to that. Her teeny tiny body trying so very hard, she’s a tough cookie this little girl of ours. Di did a lot of floor-work today to try and work on her shoulder girdle, which is oh so tight! Tyring to lift her arm up to dress her is a real effort, she has huge limitations with her range of movement with her arms. Then she focused on some standing work, which I think is Chiara’s favourite, she enjoys being upright and checking out the world on her own two feet!

Then a pit stop in between therapies at Melbourne Street Organics for a nourishing bowl of soup, green smoothie and chai (thank you!!) Kristen and her hubby Joseph have done an amazing job, and was awesome having a catch up with them today. Kristen has been pivotal in our journey with Chiara, thanks to social medial I learnt about her book (& website) Naturally Better Kids., which linked me into so many incredible resources that have helped us immensely.

Last stop to see Andrea at Myotherapy First, who has completely touched our hearts with her offering to help Chiara. She has organised an extensive ongoing therapy plan, which sounds so exciting and again brings so much hope to Chiara and her potential.

The girls are now sound asleep, so it’s time for Yoga Nidra…. & that’s a wrap for today!

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  • Maria July 4, 2014   Reply →

    Chiara our darling Chiara …. We walk your journey with you….

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