Biodynamic Neuro Development

We took little Chiara to see Genevieve Keating at Neuro-Chiro in Hawthorn. She is going to see Chiara for the next month weekly, and will work to try and release through the Sutures across the skull, which are extremely tight.

Gen went  over the reflexes to get an idea of where Chiara is at, in terms of her mobility development. She’s at the stage of a 3 or 4 month old. – Reflex Chart.

Genevieve is hopeful that her work may also help with Chiara’s sleeping (or lack there of at night), fingers crossed. She was a little concerned with how we as a family will sustain all that’s going on, she made such a beautiful point –
not to lose the connection and love which is paramount for Chiara’s healing development. Bless these amazing woman and their wise insights..

More than ever I’m cautious not to overload Chiara, she’s a delicate little petal. I’ll stand firm & strong in providing all that she needs. Early night for the girls and I, fight off the colds and stay cozy and warm..


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