On the move…

Another wonderful session with Andrea at Myotherapy First, working to get the messages between her brain to muscle flowing and firing. Check out the video, Andrea, Mauro, Par and I were cheering her on when she started to move her legs!! (yes tears welled up in my eyes!)

I learnt about some reflex’s today – the moro reflex. Reflexes are, by definition, actions that occur before the brain is aware of what is happening. Reaction to a stimulus is processed in the spinal cord, bypassing brain control.

The moro reflex usually disappears around 5 months, however due to Chiara’s cerebral palsy it’s hanging around a lot longer that its supposed to. It happens when her balance is compromised and it causes the arms to retract back and her trunk and back hyperextend. Andrea mentioned that the exercises and play we are doing with her is to help her postural muscles gain more balance and decrease the excitability of the relax to improve her co-ordination and strength.

BIG thank you to Andrea, for helping Chiara, so so grateful x

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