Chiara’s latest physio therapy report…(drum roll please..)

An extract from the recent report… Chiara is currently:

  • attempting a forward commando crawl but is restricted by limited shoulder girdle mobility due to spasticity – lower limbs are patterning in extension.
  • achieving 4-point kneel with support at pelvis
  • able to sit in low booster seat with minimal pelvic support at hips/knees maintained in flexion. In this flexed posture Chiara has developed good mid-range postural control of her head and trunk against gravity
  • able to sit – stand at low table with some assistance to forward weight shift. Chiara has adequate strength in her lower limbs and trunk for activity against gravity, also showing good head control in this position.
  • able to stand at low table using hands for support – legs are in extensor pattern but Chiara will relax and is then able to weight bear over both feet when heels down. Bilateral AFO’s have helped control the posture at the ankle and provide a more stable base for Chiara to weight bear.
  • unable to sit independently on the floor as she is unable to long sit over a mobile pelvis – there is significant fixing of her pelvis in posterior tilt due to overactive hamstrings and adductors.

I am confident that Chiara will make progress with her mobility – both independently moving and with assistive devices. She is engaged and motivated and will never give up during a therapy session. Chiara has demonstrated a drive to engage in the world and play with toys that is often not seen in a child with such a significant movement disorder….

One word – HOPE!

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