Swimming & Home Program (IAHP)

Chiara smiled her way though todays swimming lesson! Getting those mini legs moving, yay! With the help of Nonna & Nonno we managed to tick off a lot of the home program ‘masking’ is one of the exercises that we do with Chiara..

A little bit about the oxygen enrichment program: It’s purpose is to increase blood flow and oxygen delivery to the brain in order to improve brain functions and promote neuroplasticity. As well as to improve breathing and to increase lung and chest size.

How it works: Rebreathing room air causes an increase in arterial carbon dioxide tension. Carbon dioxide causes a marked increase in cerebral vascular dilation leading to an increase in blood flow and oxygen delivery to the brain. 100% oxygen has the reverse effects of causing cerebral vasoconstriction, diminished blood flow. Therefore increased concentrations of carbon dioxide in the blood cause a reflex increase in the rate and depth of breathing and improve alveolar gas exchange.

For those who wish to learn a more in-depth explanation look here- Improvement of brain tissue oxygenation by inhalation of carbon


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