Midnight insights….

Chiara was awake a lot during the night.. and after a few hours of trying to re-settle her unsuccessfully, we decided to flick on the TV and hello – an amazing doco was on. The Horse Boy (click here) – a chronicle of an autistic boy and his parents journey across Mongolia… how as a family they ventured half way across the world in search of a miracle. Meeting with the local Shaman’s to receive a healing for their son! Along with animals and nature… AMAZING!!!!!! Love this stuff!! Inspiring… another clip here

When Chiara woke later this morning, we completed the exercises from Andrea at Myotherapy First as well as some Yoga… We had a visit from Amy at Noah’s Arc and Richard from PME Group. Now it’s time for the IAHP Home Program… and the stars have all aligned for Chiara’s sleep study at Monsash Children’s Hospital tonight.. zzzzzzzzzz

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