August 2014


I’m thrilled to have watched this TED talk!!!! Science says that adult human brains can regrow, rewire and reallocate function throughout life – however baby brain neuroplasticity is thought to be non-existent. This is exactly what I have heard from the Neuro-Genetic and Developmental Medicine teams at the Royal Children’s Hospital time and time again… “Natalie, the […]

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As a child I have beautiful memories of family holidays – in winter we would spend time at the snow and summer time at the beach or at our houseboat in Lake Eildon… it was the best! I always wanted to do the same with my children, take them to places in nature where they […]

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Neurological Reorganisation/Neurofeedback

In sharing Chiara’s journey, we have been so moved by people offering their gifts of knowledge and expertise in certain healing modalities. Chiara has been enjoying some sessions with the beautiful Dorris Dehm – who has been working with neurodfeedback for Chiara. Dorris trained at EEG Info, click on the hyperlink for more info. Here is a detailed […]

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Natural Therapies

Since I first discovered that Chiara had a brain injury at 5 months old, I have not stopped researching both conventional and alternative therapies to help Chiara in her overall development. Here is a list of some of the Natural Therapies that I believe have been of incredible benefit to Chiara. Yoga for the Special Child: […]

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mini miracles….?

The past two weeks have been incredible in terms of mobility progress with little C, she is able to move approx two metres along the crawling track (by herself!!).. she has limited capacity in terms of how long she can tolerate time on the floor but things are shifting and its a.m.a.z.i.n.g! It feels like […]

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