Neurological Reorganisation/Neurofeedback

In sharing Chiara’s journey, we have been so moved by people offering their gifts of knowledge and expertise in certain healing modalities. Chiara has been enjoying some sessions with the beautiful Dorris Dehm – who has been working with neurodfeedback for Chiara. Dorris trained at EEG Info, click on the hyperlink for more info.

Here is a detailed video  Neurodevelopmental Reorganisation

‘Neurological Reorganisation is a developmentally based rehabilitation technique to improve functions in individuals with a non-progressive neurological dysfunction. This program was developed by Florence Scott who worked with Carl Delacato and Glen Doman. Based on the findings of a neurological assessment, which evaluates skills on different developmental levels, considering reflexes, movement, and sensory development, clients are assigned an individual program of daily exercises designed to replicate the normal developmental sequence that infants use to stimulate and grow brain connections to allow the brain to acquire healthy, age-appropriate functions’ (Dehm). (You can find Dorris’s website here)

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