I’m thrilled to have watched this TED talk!!!!

Science says that adult human brains can regrow, rewire and reallocate function throughout life – however baby brain neuroplasticity is thought to be non-existent. This is exactly what I have heard from the Neuro-Genetic and Developmental Medicine teams at the Royal Children’s Hospital time and time again… “Natalie, the hope of a cure is unrealistic, Chiara’s brain damage is irreversible and unlike an adult brain that has been fully formed to begin with – Chiara’s brain never fully formed, thus her brain damage is fixed – unrepairable”

But, as we have learnt through IAHP – The brain grows by use.. so good to watch these inspiring TED talks on brain growth and beyond….

Baby Brains DO recover, but habit hides it – must watch TED talk!!

A Stroke of Insight – TED Talk

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  • Lee August 29, 2014   Reply →

    See honey there is always hope. NO ONE knows everything. Very Positive ??

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