cast on… cast off….. ♥

Life has been super busy with trips to the RCH for the new casts, and taking her to some new therapies for neuro-feedback. More information on these to come! We have had some amazing results from the essential oils too.. yay! The IAHP daily home program is also consistently happening, so all is well!

It’s been nice to soak off her cast off at home, before we make the trek to the hospital for the new one. We massage her little body.. her legs.. her feet… little Chiara what an absolute trooper you are….4 more casts head (fingers crossed no more!!)

Grace has been phenomenal too..we’ve had so many specialist appointments over the past month… she’s amazingly patient…and such a loving sister to little Chiara..

feeling so blessed for our girls..

and sleep… well its pretty much been non-existent since the new casts…please sleep gods give us a break 😉



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