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A wise old friend handed me this book many moons ago… I was unable to put it down when I first read it.. it’s nice to pick it up again.. ten years later and explore the incredible insights in every chapter. Interestingly this book has far more relevance now, than ever before. Now that we are on a mission in understanding Chiara’s brain from as many perspectives as possible.

Talbot explores so many interesting paradigms, most notably his Holographic theory and how it provides a model for aspects of brain function and quantum physics respectively. You know that question that comes up at a dinner party from time to time, “if you could choose 5 people to invite for dinner, who would they be and why?”… this author would be in my top 5! As well as Frida Kalho, Mother Theresa, Patanjali…

Here’s a quote from the book:

“Neurologist Restak, notes that in spite of overwhelming evidence that human abilities are holistically dispersed throughout the brain, most researchers continue to cling to the idea that function can be located in the brain in the same way that cities can be located on a map. He believes that theories based on this premise are not only “over simplistic”, but actually function as “conceptual straight- jackets” that keep us from recognising the brain’s true complexities.”

This is so comforting to read, given we are told the area in which Chiara’s brain has been injured, is the area that controls speech, cognition and motor development. Thus, there is little hope that she will achieve these skills. But with the view that human abilities are dispersed holistically throughout the brain – well Chiara then has a much brighter chance. We need more people like these involved in brain injury and therapies around it. The other book that holds so much promise for people with brain injuries is, “The Brain That Changes Itself”… amazing!

Today is world Cerebral Palsy day – there are 17 million people affected by CP worldwide… all stemming from some sort of brain injury….

I wonder what the stat’s are for Microcephaly and Polymicrogyria worldwide? I did read somewhere there are approx 30 children in Australia with PMG. Alas, we are not alone in this sea of special needs… which is at times turbulent, stormy, tempestuous, as much as it is calm, tranquil and peaceful. Hang in there little C… xx

“At the end of the day, we can endure much more than we think we can” – Frida Khalo


It’s Thursday 2nd – 4 hours sleep, a huge day of RCH appointments await us…..

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