IAHP Home Program in Full Swing!

Allelujia Spring is upon us!

So tempting to head out for the day when the sun is shining.. alas we have many hours of therapy to do with Chiara at home. The IAHP program tends to take up the majority of the day, as we try and get through all the exercises, in between meal times, nappy changes, sleep times and the other therapies… massage, essential oils, yoga, myotherapy and physio..

We got through 30 masks today, looks easy down on paper but to achieve this amount in one day (with min of 7 min intervals), on top of all the other exercises and making sure little Grace is getting everything she needs as well… can be a juggling act.. but with the new energy of spring & sunshine.. feels like we have extra support… thank you mother nature..

The photo’s show Chiara (& us!) on the incline floor.. using gravity to assist her to learn how to crawl. We try and encourage her with all sorts of shenanigans to get her moving down the track. The Salubrion clock works a treat for the masking exercises, once we complete a mask, we set it for the next 7 minutes and wait for the sound of the gong… I use it in my yoga classes to help people come out of a deep relaxation or meditation space… so at home when the gong chimes Grace yells out ‘masking time’… we like to throw in a few OM’s during the masking.. Chiara seems to respond and make a few ooo’s and aaaa’s back. We also got through the entire reading and balance programs…

I have this image of us enjoying a looooong holiday somewhere remote and tropical.. clinking glasses.. the girls running around like free spirits.. Chiara is talking.. laughing… who know’s if this image in my mind will remain a mirage.. but it helps me during those moments of resistance and lack of patience…where I just want her to be  healed now… today…so she no longer has to struggle  xx

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