RCH another new cast for Chiara

Back at RCH this morning for a new cast.. our apt was at 10am but we didn’t get called through for an hour or so. During the wait time, you get to watch all the hustle and bustle of this busy clinic. Doctors come and go, orthopaedic surgeons walk by.. children laughing, some crying… I’ve spent many hours since Chiara was born waiting in waiting rooms! Lately, I’ve begun to use this time to count my blessings. I sit and think of all the things I am grateful for, and let them silently float through my mind. At other times, I  do some Yogic breathing, to try and refresh my energies after little sleep (as you read on… take some slow deep breaths through your nose, right down into your belly… and slowly exhale at the same pace…the power of the breath!)

… but it hasn’t always been like this…

I spent many months in a place of resistance, so frustrated, so tired of taking Chiara out of her routine at home, to find ourselves waiting for hours under neon lights. Then leaving the hospital feeling like a wounded solider after receiving new ‘medical labels’ to her already complicated diagnosis. But time does heal, and although nothing has changed in terms of Chiara’s condition and possible outcome, things feel okay.

So today, we were actually happy that it took a few hours to be seen -because we randomly bumped into Dr Johnson as we walked into the plaster room.. and he decided to cast Chiara himself.. which is awesome… he is an orthopaedic Surgeon.. so we know we are in very good hands with him. Chiara seemed pretty happy about it too, smiling incessantly at him!

Then home to find Nana waiting for us, to give us some extra support. Check them out in the therapy room.. Chiara trying to commando crawl – with cast on too! Determined little lady! Blessed xo

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  • Lee October 12, 2014   Reply →

    I love reading your cherub’s blog darling. Inspirational is not a big enough word xoxoxo

  • natrob77 October 13, 2014   Reply →

    Thank you Lee – love you xx

  • nikkstar October 21, 2014   Reply →

    I often read about people getting cast, what is it to help with? I keep forgetting to ask our physio…

    • natrob77 October 23, 2014   Reply →

      in our case, it is treatment for our daughter’s Talipes (Clubfoot) 🙂

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