• Joan October 30, 2014   Reply →

    Hi, my daughter Emerald would like to make and sell loom bands with her friend Leewa for a good cause next week. I read your story from the Diamond Valley Leader Newspaper yesterday and suggested her to start from helping someone in need like Chiara. There won’t be big money so if you don’t mind, please send me an email to support her action. I will print out your email and put it together with the newspaper and her loom bands for sell. Will that be okay with you?

    • natrob77 October 30, 2014   Reply →

      Joan and Emerald – what a beautiful idea – thank you that is so kind. I have sent an email to you. With love & gratitude fron all of us xx

      • Joan October 31, 2014   Reply →

        Thank you for replying my email! 🙂 Emerald will be very happy to know that you support her idea.

        I will print out this message to prove that Emerald and her friend are raising money for Chiara! We will contact you after the girls have sold all their hand-made loom bands. Good luck to them!! ^_^

  • chellem90 October 30, 2014   Reply →

    This is brilliant and will really help with raid awareness!
    Well done Chiara, you’re a star hun! xx

  • sophiestrains October 31, 2014   Reply →

    Read your story it was shared in our pmg facebook group- my daughter has bilateral perisylvian pmg too and is autistic as well. But all the things the doctors told you your daughter won’t do, my Sophie does- runs, laughs, communicates, has fun. She is a joy. I wish you lots of peace and happiness on your journey.

    • natrob77 November 13, 2014   Reply →

      Thank you so much – you give us so much hope! So happy to hear that Sophie is thriving and doing so well, thank you for your wishes of peace and happiness… xx

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