casts & christmas!

Another early morning adventure to RCH for little Chiara, a quick pit-stop to drop Grace at kinder beforehand however she decided to have a mini protest just after I signed her in… so the next thing I knew we were all back in the car and off to the hospital 😉

We met with Dr. Johnson who put another perfect cast on Chiara, she didn’t cry during or after the casting which was a huge bonus and the car ride home was peaceful (a rare event as she’s usually losing it!!!). So we have a few casts ahead, but after having some further discussions with the doctor, we feel at ease with the process.

Chiara’s complex presentation of cerebral palsy, strong extensor spasticity coupled with Polymicrogyria and the musculoskeletal issue of right congenital talipes makes her overall treatment quite unique. There has been some suggestion from our wonderful physio for trialling Botox in the near future, to assist not only with Chiara’s talipes treatment, but also to benefit with her hip adductors (which are crazily tight) and help free up her hips and pelvis for floor mobility and weight bearing in standing. Who know’s this may become an option down the track, but for now Chiara is still too young (the min age is 2) and we’ve got options in the meantime..

So for now we’re back to weekly visits to RCH, we’re in good hands there and grateful to have such a wonderful team helping her. We will continue on with the daily IAHP program at home which is going so well. We’re also booked in for some more neuro-feedback and will lock in some more massage times with Andrea for Chiara, yay!

It was quite apt that our family Christmas photo was taken at The Royal Children’s Hospital (we had  laugh) I think we’re well past our 150th visit.. it’s been a massive year and in some ways I am looking forward to saying goodbye to this one and embracing a fresh new beginning… don’t think I’ve cried as much as I have but also laughed.. it’s been messy, beautiful, heart-breaking, inspiring and everything in between. That’s how life rolls hey – and what matters most is that we keep picking ourselves up after intense times – thats our heroic part!

With Christmas around the corner and a new year fast approaching,.. who know’s what surprises await us in 2015???????

Bring it on!

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  • Keith Wilkinson December 5, 2014   Reply →

    Hang in there guys. We admire you greatly and know the journey is hard but the destination is there for you all. Chin up Chiara!

  • Joan December 7, 2014   Reply →

    You are amazing, Natalie! There are hurdles to go through but with so much love around, I believe she will get better. There are hope…Go Chiara!

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