little wings

It’s a sad day in the Polymicrogyria community when a little PMG child looses their battle. Although our PMG babies are spread all around the world, it is still a relatively close community given PMG is so rare. A week or so ago another little PMG baby passed too early, the FB forums were inundated with prayers and condolences. We light candles and send prayers for the families and especially for the little one’s who have gained their wings early. We also tend to hug our loved one’s extra tight, knowing that life is so precious and fleeting. Whilst I don’t give much focus to the life expectancy part of Chiara’s PMG, Microcephaly or Cerebral Palsy there are definitely times where I need to take a big breath in and remember that none of us have control over such things, disability or no-diability in the end….

“we are all just walking each other home”… Ram Daas x

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  • chellem90 December 10, 2014   Reply →

    So sad! I’ve had far too many friends gain thier wings too young! Thoughts and prayers too the family! xx

  • natrob77 December 20, 2014   Reply →

    I know it’s heart-breaking isn’t it – thank you for sharing beautiful x

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