Thank you!

To all the amazing people who have touched our hearts and at times moved us to tears, with their incredible acts of kindness, love and generosity. Honestly, Mauro and I have been blown away  by the amount of incredible support for Chiara.

YOU know who you are and thank you! They say it takes a village to raise a child.. then I guess it takes few villages to raise a “special needs” child.

To my beautiful friends and family and  who shared a belly laugh – a shoulder to cry on and everything in between – thank you for helping me through…

To all the wonderful people who have sent us encouraging and supportive messages along the way – thank you. To those who have donated to her Fundraising page, shared it or offered other beautiful ways of helping us as a family – bless you!

Surround yourself with the dreamers and the doers, the believers and thinkers, but most of all; surround yourself with those who see greatness in you, even when you don’t see it in yourself.

Finally to little Chiara, thank you for showing us that angels really do exist on earth!

Happy New Year everyone.. the skies the limit x

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  • Mandy December 31, 2014   Reply →

    Thank you, nat! Truly inspirational. Hope little chiara is doing well x happy new year x

    • natrob77 January 1, 2015   Reply →

      Happy New Year Mandy – hope its the best one yet. Loads of love to you and your boys xx

  • chellem90 December 31, 2014   Reply →

    Hope 2015 brings you and your family every happiness xx

  • natrob77 January 1, 2015   Reply →

    Thank you so much Michelle same to you – bring on some extra magic in 2015! x

    • chellem90 January 3, 2015   Reply →

      Thank you! I’m determined to make 2015 a good year and hopefully make people more open minded ad accepting when it comes to disability! x

  • Oneinamillion January 1, 2015   Reply →

    Happy new year!

  • Maria Mazzeo January 1, 2015   Reply →

    dearest Natalie, your words in this article touch my heart to such depth that I can only say….
    love you Mauro and Grace for your Strength, Dedication, Perseverance, Hope. When the going seems so hard, you just need to look at that beautiful smile of Chiara to … keep on going…
    May 2015 bring you more milestones with Chiara… and it doesn’t matter how small or big they are… but “they are”
    love Nonna

    • natrob77 January 2, 2015   Reply →

      We love you Nonna – thank you that’s so true – that little bright smile of Chiara’s will get us through. Thank you for your unconditional love and support to us all xx

  • Janet Vague January 3, 2015   Reply →

    Back at You Nat. Xxxxx

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