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Now that the major festive celebrations  are over it’s time to get back into the rhythm of the IAHP home therapy. It’s like a double-edged sword these days, social outings are awesome but they can sometimes come at a cost. Chiara’s therapy being the main one, and the simple fact it is difficult leaving the house with Chiara, she doesn’t travel well in a car-seat, she’s requires constant care at any social outing due to her lack of mobility and inability to sit or crawl, so often we have to hold her (& her body can become so stiff due to the cerebral palsy) etc, so we often come home feeling more exhausted than when we left. But we try as much as possible to make our lives as normal as possible.. since Chiara arrived we have a new kind of normal 😉

We chose to do the IAHP Intensive Program, knowing that it was a full-time gig, they do offer other programs but together we felt this was the best for her and the ultimate to try and make a difference. And not to mention Mauro is a huge advocate for IAHP, he’s 100000% committed and has got Chiara’s back every inch of the way. Bless these two strong Taureans xo

So as I write this, we have 7 masks to go to reach our goal of 40! Woo hoo. We have completed the reading program and still moving through the auditory, physical and tactile. We integrate play as much as possible.. Grace is awesome at bringing in this element! God bless her!!! We started the program at around 8am, it’s now approx 2pm and we have a few more hours to go…

I wonder what the neighbours think when they hear the kitchen-timer going off every 5 minutes (for the masking!), then our random outbursts of song and dance to keep Chiara distracted while the mask is on… then the sounds from her auditory program… maracas, tambourine, horn, tibetan singing bowl, balloon’s, bongo drum’s, bottles, bubble wrap.. it’s a circus and the girls crack up laughing. Hey, as much as possible I’m on a mission to make it FUN! Yes absolutely, my mind wanders from time to time, as I see other families looking so free, as they grow and expand, houses are upgraded, family holidays to tropical paradises, children that are swimming, running, singing, laughing…

…but here at home I have my little paradise. I have some fine human beings to share this journey with. As Mauro reminds me when I’m feeling tired…. “our day in the sun will come”……   The gifts that are brewing are far richer than I could of ever imagined in this lifetime, I only have to be brave enough to stay open to see them…

I received a beautiful insightful message from a friend overseas today “…..so many paths to self realisation and what paths your deepest Selfs have all chosen! We wish you much love, softness and strength when you need it (you already have the courage ) Happy new year”.

Incredible – I am so very blessed to have such an inspiring network of friends near and far. Thank you for your amazingness…

So here’s a run down on the other programs that we do:

Reading Program: 

  • We present 5 categories of 5 words a day and we show each category 3 x day
  • We introduce a new category words every day (35 per week – 150 words per month)
  • In the second month we’ll begin to introduce couplets, sentences.
  • We’ll then present 3 categories of 3 sentences per day and show 2 x day
  • In the following months we’ll move onto books. 2 home-made books per week
  • Yes – you can teach your baby how to read and you definitely teach your brain-injured child how to read… Here’s the link on how!

Auditory Program:

  • We’ve made a collection of sounds for a total of 30 a day, example: bongo drums, piano, pots, stones, whistles, bells etc
  • Use 3 different sounds in one 30 second session. We tell Chiara what each sound is!
  • This is Grace’s favourite, she takes over and makes it bigger then Ben Hur. I think this young lady is made for the stage.. she’s incredible the way she brings in so much spark to our days. I could write a thousand blogs at all the ways she has been so inspirational through this journey. Blessed, I am so very blessed.

Tactile Program:

  • Gnostic sensation. 10 per day at 1 minute. We use pairs of contrasting sensations, and use 1 per 30 seconds. Example: soft brush/hard brush
  • We evaluate her réponse daily, noting areas which are hypo or hyper until the response is normal.

Soon we’ll be back to the Mobility Program, she will be cast free on the 9th Jan. Poor darling has had this cast on for 3 weeks. I’m hanging to bath her properly and feel her little leg cast-free. Then the Medullary Program kicks off and we’ll have the full program!

AND… something that I am deeply passionate about YOGA.. yep yoga for the special child training kicks off next week. I can’t wait to bring in the gifts of YOGA to the daily regime!

Happy Days!

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  • Chris Roberts January 3, 2015   Reply →

    Dear Natalie – we are in constant awe of all the effort Team Chiara is doing to give her every chance to reach her potential. It is hard to read your updates without tears and strong emotions of pride, admiration, hope and gratitude. You all make our hearts swell with pride. The future is anyone’s guess and you are giving the present a damn good shake! Love Mum and Dad. xxxx

    • natrob77 January 5, 2015   Reply →

      Thanks mum & dad – we couldn’t do it without your ongoing love and support. I like it – giving the present a damn good shake!! We love you muchos! Nat & Mauro xx

  • mummalove January 4, 2015   Reply →

    Natalie, you guys are doing such an amazing job as Team Chiara. Mauro is so right – your time in the sun will come. I admire your strength and dedication to your beautiful girls. We are cheering for you xx

  • natrob77 January 5, 2015   Reply →

    Hi Annie, Thank you so much for your beautiful message. We both needed some extra gusto today after a few night of no sleep with the little poppet.. so was lovely to read your message thank you! Loads of love to you and your boys xx

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