Sea change!

Nothing better than the beach for Chiara’s sensory program and family togetherness… and nice to have a break from the hospital too, yay!

This first photo is my fav, it gives me an idea of how Chiara would look if she could stand. I am taking most of her weight on my arm, and if I were to let go she would fall forward, without any reflexes. However with that said, Chiara definitely has an inner strength and can weight bare successfully with support. You should of seen the smiles that were beaming from her – incredible! Alas, we’ve gotta crawl before we walk 😉

The girls were absolutely thriving with the fresh air, water and nature.  When Chiara starts to walk, part of her daily program from IAHP is to walk along the sand for an allocated distance… I can’t wait for the day we will do such things. For now, I’m in the moment and that’s the only way to get through each day.. xo


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  • Diane Roberts January 30, 2015   Reply →

    Beautiful photos! To see you supporting Chiara standing it does our hearts so good.
    To be on the beach, blue sky’s, sand and water is so good for you all! It’s great for the mind, body and soul. Love to you all! ????

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