A full Friday..

4.30am: Chiara wakes – bring her in bed to re-settle lots of forehead kisses

5.00am: keep pressing the snooze button on the alarm

5.30am: so tempted to press the snooze button again – but get up and meditate/yoga sesh

6.00am: pack for hospital visit (breakfast, snacks, lunch, bottles, clothes, nappies, referral forms, A.F.O’s, boots n’ bar etc). Pack Grace’s kinder bag, found her secret stash of chocolate easter eggs in there, leave them 😉

6.30am: heat up C’s breakfast, prepare G’s, coffee on for Maur & I

7am: tribe slowly wake.. breakfast, clothes, loading car etc.

7.30am: Drop G off at kinder, she takes me on a tour of her room, shows me her paintings, the toys, the Guinea pig, the playground.. it’s a lengthy process the drop offs 😉 Im trying to stay present to Grace (but I have one eye on the clock, anxious to beat the peak hour traffic and avoid any additional stress for Chiara and the car ride), but she knows in an instant when I am not focused. “Muma!!”, Grace says, as she grabs my head and looks deep into my eyes…  Oh G, how patient you have been with me with all this Chiara stuff…how amazing are kids at anchoring you into the present moment…bless you Grace…kisses, hugs and back into the car..

8.00am: Royal Children’s Hospital 1st stop blood tests for C, first attempt unsuccessful

8.30am: Apt with Orthopaedic’s to check clubfoot treatment. Has the foot held in the A.F.O since the last cast, will we need another cast??

9.30am: Got the all clear, foot gaining range okay dorsi flexion not quite enough external rotation so will need to use the boots and bar (a.k.a snowboard) again. Discussions of future operations as calf is so tight (we hope to avoid this scenario)

10.00am: New boot’s and bar measured in Ortho’s. Plan is Chiara has these on at night, A.F.O during the day apart from when we are doing IAHP mobility and Yoga therapies.

10.30am: 2nd attempt for blood’s. 2 nurses to hold arm in place, Dad to hold her body firm and still.. (her tone is so strong it never ceases to amaze me the force that can charge through her body from the CP). Mum to wipe the tears and sing and try to distract in between the screams. I hold her beautiful face and pour so much love and courage to her.. my heart breaks as her eyes lock with mine.. why mum? Is all I can read from her…

11.00am: Bottle, hugs, kisses, walking the hallways of the hospital.. mums pushing their kids in wheelchairs, kids with tubes, shaved hair from chemo, limbs in braces, kids with all sorts of health issues and their families, siblings, doctors, carers.. these hallways are so familiar, I know every café, chemist, respite area, I know the meditation and prayer rooms, I know the receptionists, I know the aquarium, I know the playground, I know the shortcuts, I know the closest toilet stops.. but I never quite know the future of Chiara when I come here, this place rattles me as much as it provides comfort…

11.30am: Level 1 to for A.F.O review

1.00pm: Feed Chiara lunch – exit RCH with a very unsettled poppet. Sun is shining, hello summer!

2.30pm: NAET session therapy appointment

4.30pm: Drive home (not an easy feat with Chiara)

5.00pm: open front door.. made it! Nonno arrives with Grace, we begin the pattering sessions, incline floor, reading etc

8.00pm Dinner, night walk..

11pm: I’m sitting on the balcony with a g&t under the full moon, kids fast asleep… something comforting about that amazing glow in the sky.. will make a few wishes and that’s a wrap! Good night x

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  • Diane Roberts February 7, 2015   Reply →

    Dad and I had tears reading A Full Friday! We know that you Mauro and Grace are doing everything in your power for Chiara.
    Hold onto the beautiful dream that I had last night, Chiara meet me at the top of the stairs standing by the gate with her beautiful smile, saying hello nana, tears of joy!
    Love to you all! ????

    • natrob77 February 7, 2015   Reply →

      It was a biggie! We love you m&d.. lets hope your dream is a prophetic one. Thank you for shining such a positive bright light always.. x

  • janetvague February 8, 2015   Reply →

    You amazing woman. Sending Love and Karma. Xxxxxx J J J J

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